Our Efforts Are Working

by Devil's Advocate | April 21, 2009 4:04 pm

It isn’t even May, and already we had a protest of around 500,000 people against excessive government spending and taxation. Consequently, Barack Obama devised a pathetic $100 million cut from the budget to try to appease the protesters. It did not work.

Astonishingly, readers on the Huffington Post were even embarrassed by the $100 million dollar cut despite Ms. Huffington trying to portray Obama as a fiscal Hawk.

Jennifer Loven, of the Associate Press, who has always been in the back pocket of the Obama administration, raked Gibbs over the coals when he tried to boast about the $100 million cut. Overall, people are waking up, and this means that we cannot give an inch.

Now that Democrats are starting to be concerned by the excesses of government, Republicans can win them over by actually promising to eliminate those excesses. Republicans can win over independents with tax plans like the FairTax or Flat Tax. Republicans can win back the Nation if we ignore the mainstream media who trashed the Tea Party and listen to the American people who are frightened about their economic futures.

It is not even close to 2010, and we are on our way to taking the Country back. Keep up the great work.

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