OUTRAGEOUS: Obama Denies Iraqi Nun US Visa for This Despicable Reason  

OUTRAGEOUS: Obama Denies Iraqi Nun US Visa for This Despicable Reason  

The pettiness of President Obama appears to have no bounds. A Catholic nun from Iraq has been denied an opportunity to address policy makers in Washington DC about the brutality of the Islamic State because… well… I guess because Obama is concerned that she might have plans to take advantage of his executive amnesty. (Or something.)


Sister Diana Momeka is an Iraqi nun who desperately wants to visit Washington “to share her message about the brutal treatment of Christians in her country.”

Her request seems simple enough for President Barack Hussein Obama to fulfill, especially given that this same man has no problem offering full-fledged citizenship to both illegal immigrants and persecuted Muslims.

Yet Obama purposefully chose to bar the nun from entering the United States because she “could be falsely asserting that she intends to visit Washington when secretly she could be intending to stay.”

“That would constitute illegal immigration, and that, of course, is strictly forbidden,” State Department officials reportedly told her.

So the same man who rewards real illegal immigrants with goodies galore has the audacity to accuse a Catholic nun of trying to deceive him.

Of course Sister Momeka is gainfully employed in Iraq, she had bipartisan endorsements from US Lawmakers, and she was already working on scheduling meetings with policy makers in DC… But, in the hopes of keeping this crafty Catholic from illegally remaining in the United States, Obama’s State Department has denied her request for a visa. Thank goodness we have such a vigilant protector in the White House to guard us from those sneaky Iraqi nuns.

Maybe she should go visit Mexico first, then just swim across the Rio Grande. Not only would she be able to stay (if she actually wanted to), but she’d probably get a tax refund and access to Obamacare as well.

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