Pakistani News Outlet Claims Trump was born in PAKISTAN before he was adopted and taken to America

by Sierra Marlee | November 14, 2016 6:46 pm

Uh… hm.

Well this is certainly one of the more interesting “birther” stories I’ve heard about anybody. I seriously want this to be satire and an attempt to make people laugh after the serious tone of the election, but everything I’m reading points to this being a 100% legitimate report.

I don’t know if that makes it more hilarious, or just sad.


The above picture is a comparison of President-elect Donald Trump and a small blonde boy, who “Neo News,” a Pakistani news outlet, claims is a young Trump.

They claim that Trump was born “Dawood Ibrahim Kahn” in Pakistan in 1946.

Neo News alleges that Trump was “taken to London by a British-Indian army captain, after his birth parents died in a car accident,┬ábefore being adopted and taken to America in 1955[2].”

Of course social media was right there to mercilessly mock the absurd report.


I’m not even a fan of Trump and I know this is absolutely ridiculous.

On the upside, it’s excellent entertainment, so at least they have that going for them.

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