Palin Unqualified

by Melissa Clouthier | January 9, 2009 1:52 pm

MSNBC hack[1]: 65% of Americans believe Palin to be unqualified

Hmmmm…..could that be because the media, over and over, portrayed her as unqualified? This becomes a chicken-egg thing. The media quotes an image of a person they created as evidence the person is the image.

Palin’s home state had an over 80% approval rating of their own Governor. Then after the national media is done savaging her, the opinion is around 65%. That’s still good. But what happened? Did Palin suddenly get less qualified? Did she miraculously transform from who she was in a short month?

I’d argue that the press created an image of the woman wholly out-of-line with her character because she was the single biggest threat to Obama’s candidacy and nothing was going to interfere with their anointed savior. The attacks were vicious, but predictable. She was a smart woman who defied liberal dogma. She had to be destroyed.

Thankfully, Palin seems to be resilient. She’s right. America does need reform. What it’s about to get is more spending[2] and talks with terrorists[3]. Maybe America will be ready for smaller government, less taxes and moral clarity after the next few years.

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