Palm Springs: Two California Police Officers Brutally Murdered – One Wounded [VIDEO]

by Sonja Bochow | October 10, 2016 12:47 am


Two families in Palm Springs will never see their loved ones again[2]. Two police officers, one a 35-year veteran and the other a new mother only on the force for a year and a half, were gunned down in cold blood by a piece of human trash who had stated he wanted to kill cops.

Known gang banger John Felix, 26, was causing a disturbance with a gun at home, prompting his fearful mother to call police. What ensued was a 12-hour standoff culminating in the tragic deaths of two officers. There is now a 4 month-old little girl without a mother and 8 children who will never see their father again.


Officers Jose Gilbert ‘Gil’ Vega and Lesley Zerebny were murdered in the line of duty. And this utter scumbag, John Felix, lives. Frances Serrano, a neighbor, spoke to The Desert Sun and said she talked to Felix’s father before the shooting and his words were that his son had a gun and wanted to kill cops. Shortly afterward, she heard gunshots.

Two of America’s finest are gone. A third officer who was shot is in good condition. These kinds of tragedies will continue until families stop teaching their children to hate the police and disrespect authority. Hatred has consequences. This time it was the lives of two officers.[4]

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