Pass The Xanax… SNL Shreds New York Liberals On Election Night [VIDEO]

Pass The Xanax… SNL Shreds New York Liberals On Election Night [VIDEO]

We all agree SNL’s opening sketch last Saturday of Hillary Clinton playing the piano was, if you are being honest with yourself, a bit self-righteous. Yeah, SNL writers. I’m talking to you. She isn’t dying, she’s full of corruption and no one (again, if you’re honest) cares. Seriously. It was over the top with the dramatics. She lost, because you didn’t show up to vote. Now, whether that is because of the arrogance of the media and the recent SNL skits making it seem that Clinton had it in the bag, who knows. But I’m willing to bet that no one showed up for her because, really, you all hated her more than Trump. Anyways, that opening was just awful.


But they had a bit of redemption with the following sketch that mocks the hell out of white, unaware NYC leftists. Yes. Those people that we have been watching throughout the election cycle…the ones that understand nothing but liberal talking points, and Starbucks’ opening and closing times.

Saturday Night Live captured the tone precisely of somebody watching last week’s election night results in a sketch that had funny man Dave Chappelle and surprise guest Chris Rock taunting a room full of unaware Hillary Clinton supporters…and it’s priceless.


In the scene, which was set in some loft in New York, a group of Clinton voters with anticipation waited for Hillary to win the presidency – only to watch the victory slip away in time increments (even with their excuses all throughout) and into Donald Trump’s grasp.

One of the ‘unawares’ asks:

“Why aren’t people turning out for Hillary the way they did for Barack Obama?”

Chris Rock responds:

“I mean, maybe because you’re replacing a charismatic 40 year-old black guy with a 70 year-old white woman. That’s like the Knicks replacing Patrick Ewing with Neil Patrick Harris.”

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