‘Passenger Shaming’ Photos On Instagram Show People You Definitely Don’t Want On Your Next Flight

by Jennifer Van Laar | April 19, 2015 3:15 pm

Sometimes the only way to get people to change their behavior is to publicly shame them. As airplanes become more crowded and society loses its manners, rude and downright disgusting behavior is on display at 35,000 feet. Luckily you can snap a photo of your gross fellow passengers and publicly shame them on Instagram[1].

passenger foot[2]

From clipping nails to a plastic bag filled with urine, these photographs show the horrible airline passengers who carry on the unnecessary baggage.

Disgruntled flyers and flight attendants from around the globe, have taken their frustration to social media to shame feral passengers with annoying habits – and the results are sure to shock.

They include a feet being wedged in between seats or near other passenger’s head, rubbish being trashed in seat pockets and bathrooms while others are taking up more space than necessary.

The images, captured by anonymous travellers, were posted on former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen’s Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

The page follows after Ms Kathleen, who worked as a flight attendant for seven years, started the group on Facebook to highlight the less than desirable habits some have adopted while flying.

She has previously mentioned some her most feared habits, including people who don’t flush the toilet and people going into the bathroom without shoes or socks.

Recent photos in the past months show a potty in the aisle, people sleeping in inappropriate places, passengers resting their feet on tray tables and walls and dirty nappies stuffed in the seat pockets.

Photos of unsupervised children vandalising the aeroplane with stickers and an unwrapped condom found under a seat have also made the cut for Passenger Shaming.



And let’s not forget the passengers who fall asleep, lean on you, and maybe even drool on you. Or the passengers that bring really smelly food on board and smack their gums while they eat next to you, basically turning the row into their living room. Hopefully this bit of shaming will help people realize what appropriate behavior in public is.

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