Pat Toomey Benefits From The NRSC’s Incompetence In Florida

In a surprising move, the NRSC has endorsed their hated foe, Pat Toomey, in the Pennsylvania Senate race. That means I have to revise the statement I made just two days ago on RWN,

“The surest indication that a Republican is a completely worthless turd is for the GOP to be backing them in a primary.”

Now it’s, “The surest indication that a Republican is a completely worthless turd is for the GOP to be backing them in a primary — except for Pat Toomey.”

Now, you might wonder: why would the NRSC endorse Pat Toomey after spending so much time trying to find a primary opponent to run against him? Moreover, since he doesn’t have a primary opponent, what’s the point?

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There are three factors that probably play into it.

First off, the NRSC has tried and failed to recruit a blue chip moderate to run in Pennsylvania. My guess is that they probably would have backed just anybody they could find, from dogcatcher on up, who is a squish and has a shot of beating Toomey, but nobody wanted to tango.

Additionally, Toomey’s polls have been looking better and he raised $1.6 million in the first quarter. That means even if the NRSC managed to get some mediocrity to run, Toomey would have had the money to stand toe-to-toe with him — and in a fight between a well financed Toomey and a NRSC RINO, the NRSC would have gone down in a heap.

However, I think the real reason the NRSC endorsed Toomey is simple: they’ve taken a horrific beating over their decision to endorse Charlie Crist in Florida. In fact, NRSC Chairman John Cornyn even got raucously boo’d at the Austin Tea Party, which I must admit, I found hilarious:

Had I been there, I would have boo’d Cornyn, too, and then I would have started up a “You Suck” chant.

You might think I’m being a little too hard on Cornyn, who is generally conservative, but I’m so tired of these arrogant Republicans who stay inside the Beltway for too long and lose their ever loving minds. Cornyn and the NRSC don’t represent people like us and they think we’re stupid and can be easily manipulated.

Their stated reason for endorsing an Arlen Specter clone like Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio (who has now been endorsed by Jim DeMint, Dick Armey, and Mike Huckabee) was that Crist wouldn’t need their help with fundraising during the election. Of course, that’s circular reasoning. If Crist was such a great fundraiser that it would guarantee him a victory, why would he need the help of the NRSC to win a primary? Moreover, the NRSC has already held a fundraiser for Crist, which again undercuts what they’re saying publicly.

I will grant you that Crist is an outstanding fundraiser — but, when you can easily get a young, Hispanic conservative like Rubio elected, why in the world do we want to bring in a guy who’s going to be a rubber stamp for Barack Obama on spending issues and cap and trade? Moreover, I suspect Rubio’s fundraising, which was weak in the first quarter, would be significantly better if the NRSC had been supporting him instead of Crist and had thrown him a fundraiser.

Now conservatives are supposed to be ecstatic that the squishes at the NRSC have endorsed Toomey — but, why should the party be officially siding with a conservative over any moderate candidate who may choose to run? Is the idea supposed to be that after screwing over conservatives, they’re now going to potentially screw over moderates in Pennsylvania? If that’s supposed to even things out — it doesn’t. It just sends a message that whether you are moderate or conservative, you shouldn’t give money to the NRSC because they may use your money to campaign against someone who shares your views.

I love Pat Toomey and would support him against anyone who runs against him, but I’m a blogger — I’m allowed to do that. The Republican Party should be in the business of supporting Republicans, not pitting moderates and conservatives in the party against each other. There’s enough of that going on in politics as is.

All in all, this just proves that if John Cornyn and the NRSC were shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun, somehow or another, they’d manage to miss all the fish and end up with buckshot in their @sses.

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