Paula Jones Goes After Joy Behar For Calling Her Bill’s ‘Tramp’: ‘Was Bill The Victim When Monica Sucked It?’

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: Joy Behar is the worst liberal ever.

I’m serious. Liberals are always talking about how you shouldn’t “slut-shame” women for sleeping around and how we shouldn’t “victim-shame” rape victims and she managed to do both in one fell swoop.

Don’t they have some kind of “old nag” card they can revoke from her? Anything to get her off of television.


Behar called Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who claims that Bill Clinton raped her in a hotel room, a “tramp” and it hasn’t gone over well with one of his other victims, Paula Jones.

Jones is known for not mincing words when it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and this case is no different.

She posted a series of Tweets Tuesday morning demanding an explanation from Behar, who called the women “tramps” because they “knew they were sleeping with a married man.

How can they claim they care about women when they do things like this? It’s horrible!

It’s hard to see women who are clearly victims of a serial sexual deviant get so roundly rejected by the same women that think “all sexual assault victims have a right to be believed.” So why doesn’t Paula have a right to be believed? Why not Juanita, or Kathleen? Or should rape/sexual assault victims only be believed when their allegations don’t mess with your political narrative?

These “women” disgust me and they should absolutely be taken off of television at the first possible chance.

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