‘Peaceful’ Migrants CHARGE Berlin During Vicious Riot… [VIDEO]

‘Peaceful’ Migrants CHARGE Berlin During Vicious Riot… [VIDEO]

Late Thursday evening, at a detention facility in the Reinickendorf district of Berlin, about 50 Syrian refugees, many of them intoxicated, started a riot. They punched, kicked, attacked security guards, destroyed property and vehicles, and stole belongings.

Don’t worry though, nothing to see here, only 50 strong young Muslim men committing crimes. Devoted Muslims don’t drink alcohol don’tcha know?. Well, except for when they do…and then they start hurting people and breaking things.

Angela Merkel has given her own country an infestation of refugees who do not, have not and will not adapt to German culture, but instead, try to live out the twisted culture they left behind. Rape, robbery, harassment of women in general, defecating in public pools; all of this lies squarely on the shoulders of Merkel. German women are in danger from these barbarians and instead of removing the barbarians, German women are told not to wear suggestive clothing or go out at night. Welcome to the new dark ages; where western women are the oppressed victims of backwards abusive misogynistic Islamic “men.”

Merkel’s bad policy just keeps bearing poison fruit. how many more Germans will have their property destroyed or their bodies assaulted by people who never should have been let in in the first place? See video below:


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