Peggy Noonan: Who Are The Right Wing Nut Jobs?

by Melissa Clouthier | October 17, 2008 7:11 pm

So the Republican party today is “vulgar” according to Peggy Noonan[1]:

In the end the Palin candidacy is a symptom and expression of a new vulgarization in American politics. It’s no good, not for conservatism and not for the country. And yes, it is a mark against John McCain, against his judgment and idealism.

When Peggy Noonan[2] says that the conservative movement left her thus forcing her to vote for a leftist, if not socialist, this election, it made me wonder: Who are the vulgar Right Wing Nut Jobs that have taken over the party that I hear so much about? I’d really like to know.

Are church going folk Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are those who believe abortion is wrong Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are low income people who vote Republican because they believe in personal responsibility Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are business owners who believe that punitive taxation is wrong Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are Rush Limbaugh’s 15 million listeners Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are FOX viewers Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are women who give birth Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are people who attend state school as opposed to Harvard or Princeton Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are Wal-Mart shoppers Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are people who get married Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are people who work overtime to have enough money for their kid’s band camp Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are people who read the Wall Street Journal as opposed the New York Times Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are people who join the military Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Are people who work hard, go home to their families, and drink a beer with their burger Right Wing Nut Jobs?

Exactly, who, I’d like to know, are the knuckle-dragging weirdos who have thrown the conservative movement into anti-intellectual oblivion?

Surely Noonan must be joking about John McCain being vulgar. John McCain is as establishment, blue-blood Republican as they get. Sure, he’s got the crotchety temperament and he’s not eloquent. But he’s not exactly averse to state-mandated solutions. He is the guy who works across the aisle, remember? Fiscal conservatives and social conservatives have fretted over McCain’s squishiness when it comes to solid conservative beliefs. And Noonan fears he’s too conservative? How much more conservative can one be without being an actual Democrat?

McCain has had a hard time taking it to Obama rhetorically because either 1) he’s not so far away from Obama ideologically or 2) he’s too used to playing patty-cake with the opposition–often working those in his own party over. Maybe the treatment McCain has received by the press and the Dems revealed his true friends. It hasn’t been the left that’s been loving, that’s for sure.

Ms. Noonan, on the other hand, seems to be hedging her bets. She sees an Obama future and fears being on the wrong side of history. Or maybe, she’s just a big snob and choosing a president who is articulate and can turn a phrase ala Reagan matters more to her than the fact that she’d be voting for a socialist with soaring rhetoric.

If an intellectual such as Ms. Noonan can be swayed by the hope and changiness, then it proves my point. Most of the smarty-pants set ain’t too smart.

And I’d like Peggy Noonan and Christopher Buckley and the rest of the establishment elites tell me who qualifies as a Right Wing Nut Job. How have they changed the party into something you people don’t recognize? Because from where I sit, the Republican party has been hijacked alright, but it has been by people who have left everything it means to be a conservative behind.

Congress in Republican control spent like thieves. The last two years under the Democrats have been worse. And it is only the fact that Democrats are worse than Republicans that have many conservatives AND swing voters by the way, holding their noses and voting for McCain.

So Ms. Noonan, since she’s the writer and seems to be representing the snob-class within the Republican establishment, can share her thoughts. No sweeping generalizations, Ms. Noonan. I want specifics. Who are the Right Wing Nut Jobs and what specifically have they done to the party, because I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing a woman who is sick to death of a leader who cannot artfully turn a phrase and who doesn’t articulate the conservative position well. Well, tough nuts, woman. You need to butch up and deal with it. I’d like the conservative movement to have its version of Barack Obama, but we don’t. We have John McCain. He at least has some substance and it’s better stuff than what makes Barack Obama.

I’m sorry that the McCain-Palin ticket offends Ms. Noonan’s sensibilities. Four years of Barack Obama would be far more odious, but maybe the Republican insiders need to experience it to understand it. By voting Obama, at least they’ll be popular with the cocktail hostesses.

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