After Pelosi Attacked Trump’s Carson Pick, Huckabee Unloads A Bomb Of A Question

After Pelosi Attacked Trump’s Carson Pick, Huckabee Unloads A Bomb Of A Question

Mike Huckabee may not be the most popular guy, but when he comes out swinging at liberals, you can bet he’s going to be in the headlines.

His target this time was Nancy Pelosi, who took it upon herself to question the qualifications of Ben Carson for HUD Secretary. (Ironic, considering she lauded Obama who had no noteworthy achievements to his name on the day of his inauguration, but that’s none of my business.)

Mike Huckabee2

Huckabee borrowed from the “Liberal Dictionary Of Twisted Definitions” in an attempt to show the nation how ridiculous progressives have sounded these last 8 years. Nothing is sweeter than giving them a taste of their own medicine.

He took to Twitter to mock Pelosi and her fellow leftists using their own “logic.”

Of course, some people were slower on the uptake…

Thankfully there are people out there with more patience than myself…

And to answer Mr. Fernandez’s question, it’s the logic of someone with an IQ above room temperature. It’s the logic of someone who can see past the surface and understand things that may not be immediately apparent. When you, sir, look at Ben Carson, you see an “unqualified” man who just happened to grow up in government housing.

When I look at Carson, I see a brilliant brain surgeon who managed to make it out of the ghetto, but who still understands the plagues of the inner cities. He, better than most, understands what needs to take place in our urban areas to make sure they start producing more success stories like himself and fewer tragic headlines.

You may not be able to see those things, but that doesn’t make him unqualified.

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