Pennsylvania Voting Machine Refuses to Allow Vote for Trump [VIDEO]

Pennsylvania Voting Machine Refuses to Allow Vote for Trump [VIDEO]

This young man went in to fulfill his duty as an American and cast his vote for who he feels will be best to put into the White House and lead America. In his case, that was the candidate that aims to ‘Make America Great Again’, Donald Trump.

Voting Booths

To his dismay however, when he went into the voting booth to do just that…he wasn’t able to choose his candidate he supports. It threw him for a fact he even has evidence of the mishap right here for us to see:

That’s more frustrating than having paid for a movie just to have some loud mouth movie goer make references to their backside through the whole thing. It happens…trust me.

His twitter name is @lordaedonis and he actually has quite a few great tweets that speak a whole lot about common sense when it comes to the madness of Obama’s America.

It’s his voting day post however, that is taking the cake today. Check this out…he explains everything that went down.

I think this young man has made some REALLY good points. So much so that they deserve sharing…

In reference to him voting today…

Who couldn’t use a little laugh today…it’s too intense.

Well, there you go. Was it technical difficulties? User error? Who knows, but this guy didn’t appreciate the unneeded hassle and rightfully so. At least the woman fixed it, but her having the audacity to verbalize her shock that he wasn’t voting Democrat…uncalled for.

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