People Noticed Something VERY Odd About TIME’s Trump Cover – Look Closely [VIDEO]

People Noticed Something VERY Odd About TIME’s Trump Cover – Look Closely [VIDEO]

Well, isn’t that something? Time Magazine, a publication that has dumped on Donald Trump continuously throughout the election has seen the light.

It is official ladies and gentlemen. President-elect, Donald Trump is going to be TIME Magazine’s 2016 person of the year and boy, are liberals going to be pissed about it.

I can almost hear all the keyboard warriors rage quitting right now and running to mommy to make them some comfort food.

The irony is, we all know that Time Magazine is a left-leaning publication and giving Donald Trump this sort of recognition for winning the most improbably election in the history of all American history seems too good to be true, right?

Well, of course it is.

Comedian Jeremy McLellan has noticed something quite peculiar about the cover of TIME that shows us just how right we are on that.

Of course we all know TIME for naming controversial figures as their person of the year, because many times their choice has been a point of annoyance. However, on the other side of things, they have also been respectful in how they design each cover, regardless who it is. With the exception of Adolf Hitler of course. When HE was recognized as the “Man of the Year” back in 1938, TIME founder Henry Luce’s reasoning was because Hitler had “for better or worse” influenced the world.

The thing is, they recruited a German Catholic artist who fled Hitler’s Germany, Baron Rudolph Charles Con Ripper, to draw the cover of Hitler’s TIME edition. Which you can see below…


Over the course of time through the election and up until now, TIME has been pretty harsh on Trump whether it’s simply mocking him or designing him to perpetrate fear in people. Over the election, it looked a little like this…





Then after all this mockery… Trump WON.


In your face haters.


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