When Pepsi’s CEO attacked Trump after the election, she didn’t expect this to happen to her stock

by Just An American | November 15, 2016 4:53 pm

When will Leftists learn that the Right for the most part is disciplined? When something seems wrong to us, we don’t throw ourselves on the ground kicking and screaming, nor do we act like fools screaming to anyone who will listen that we are right and they are wrong.[1]


No. We simply stop participating and remove ourselves from the issue. There is power in that. The NFL felt that power and now Pepsi is feeling it too.

Pepsi’s CEO Indri Nooyi’s support of Hillary Clinton is no secret. Her far left politics have been pretty loud since Obama’s win in 2008 when Pepsi celebrated this victory with a Oba-logo and spattered their website with his false promises given on “Hope and Change.” HAH! What a joke.

Well, many of us know what happened after Trump became our President-elect last Tuesday night. The world of liberals went absolutely bonkers, threw themselves to the ground and started a hysterical TANTRUM kicking and screaming, name calling and threats all wrapped in their dramatic reaction to what they think is the end of the world.


Sadly for the IQ of America, even liberals in positions such as CEO don’t possess the intelligence or sense enough to refrain from acting like a fool. She took no time in responding to Trump’s win with nasty comments, only further stirring the pot of adversity, contention and hate…that her and her kind are CONSTANTLY insisting they are fighting against.

Now her and her employees are ‘crying’ after Trump’s victory…but not for reasons you would think. Since making her crude comments on Trump, in the most recent update their stock has fallen. In fact, it’s been a SHARP 5% drop in the most recent stable stock review.

That’s ONE huge reality check for these crazy minded lunatics!

They really thought that the nation was behind their delusional beliefs and agenda. They are still trying to figure out how it is that Americans voted Trump.

All I have to say is when you continually call a person a racist, who is not one bit racist…you can pretty much bet they won’t be voting for the very person who will allow that kind of nonsense to happen. It’s exhausting really.

Now this CEO is learning the hard way…not allowing anyone else to have an opinion and forcing your own on them…has its’ consequences. It backfires.

Sorry about it. Just kidding…not sorry. Not one bit.

I like Coke better anyway.


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