Philly Police Give a BRUTAL ‘Surprise’ to Race Baiting Kanye West

by Just An American | February 18, 2016 2:08 pm

Everyone, for the most part, whether you’re a fan or not of Kanye West, knows a bit about his so-called “financial crisis”. Now on top of that, his new album, “The Life of Pablo”[1] has been pirated for more than a half-million times…in less than a week after its’ release…however all is NOT lost! Even though Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg snubbed Kanye’s request for a loan, the Philadelphia Police have a offer to make…


But after appeals to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg received no response, the Philadelphia Police Department had a message of their own for West: We’re hiring.

“U could be debt-free by the year 3122!” the post read.

The department even linked the tweet to their career page to ease the application process for the artist. Twitter users had overwhelmingly enthusiastic reactions to the suggestion:

Thumbs up to the Philly PD! Of course- he’d have to pass a drug test first…

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