Phony Kung-Fu Master Challenges Real MMA Fighter for $5,000 and…

by Rachel Alexander | June 7, 2015 2:00 pm

MMA fight[1]Remember the old story, The Emperor Has No Clothes? Well, there is a type of martial arts that seems to be about the same thing, with “experts” known as Kiai Masters. They are able to knock down regular Mixed Martial Arts fighters with a mere brush of their hand, barely breaking a sweat. Something doesn’t seem quite right, but you can’t place your finger on it. In the YouTube video below, one of these masters is seen warming up with several MMA fighters,┬áin preparation for a $5,000 match he’s bet against one of them. But when he starts the match, he gets a rude awakening.[2]

The young MMA fighter easily knocks him down, and the Kiai Master gets up brushing his nose, apparently bleeding. Just a few seconds more and he’s knocked down for good, as a referee calls the match. Humiliated and out $5,000, maybe he’s learned his lesson and will stop the fake shows. He may have fooled the other young fighters in the room into backing away from him, but finally someone wasn’t buying it.

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