PHOTOS: Villagers Dig Up Ancestors Every 3 Years – Bath, Dress And Take Pictures With Them… [VIDEO]

PHOTOS: Villagers Dig Up Ancestors Every 3 Years – Bath, Dress And Take Pictures With Them… [VIDEO]

The world is full of different people and different cultures…very different. The Torajan people of Indonesia with pride, exhibit their oh-so-dead relatives after digging up their bodies and dressing them up in clothes as if they’re mannequins…very gross mannequins. Well anyways, it turns out that it’s an ancient ritual that is meant to show respect for their late loved ones.


Every three years, the tribe from Sulawesi Island excavate their dead, they then proceed to wash their bodies and prepare some clothes for them to wear… then pose for family photographs in a festival known as Ma’nene.

This ceremony, which translates into ‘The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses,’ is about a century old.

To these people, the funeral and burial of their loved ones is a big deal.

It’s not uncommon for these people to save their money for their own funerals, or the funerals of their loved ones. The more money they can save, the bigger and better the funeral is. Think of it as some type of going out with a bang ‘retirement’ fund.

The Torajan people are not a wealthy bunch, so often times they are forced to just bury their kin without a funeral, collect the money which could take weeks or years, then dig them back up and throw them a party that would make ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ look pathetic.

So, how are they able to dig up their dead relatives and not have them be all bones? They actually wrap their dead in layers and layers of cloth.


After every three years, these dead are dug up and displayed to the world! Of course they dress them in new clothing. Can’t have them sporting old fashions.

In this culture, death is not the end, it’s just a gateway to the after life…at least that’s a pleasant way to look at it.

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