Pics From Tea Parties Across The Country

by John Hawkins | April 16, 2009 2:58 am

Because there were so many tea parties and so many bloggers covering them, it really isn’t possible for me give them all the attention they deserve. So, what I decided to do instead is post some of the best pics I found from around the blogosphere,

From Urban Infidel[1] at the New York Tea Party.

New York Tea Party

A twofer from The Berman Post[2] at the New York Tea Party.

New York Tea Party

New York Tea Party

An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings[3] at the Nashville Tea Party,

Nashville Tea Party

Poor Richard’s News[4] at the Nashville Tea Party,

Nashville Tea Party

From Tom Guleff: Joe Citizens[5] at the Memphis Tea Party,

Memphis Tea Party

RWN guest blogger Kathleen McKinley & RWN blogger Melissa Clouthier at the Houston Tea Party courtesy of RightWingSparkle[6],

Houston Tea Party

From the Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party by The Asian Badger[7],

Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party

From Founding Bloggers[8], a pic from the Chicago Tea Party,

Chicago Tea Party

From The Arkansas Project[9] at the Little Rock Tea Party,

Little Rock Tea Party

From Change Barack![10] at the Dallas Tea Party,

Dallas Tea Party

From All American Blogger[11] at the Kansas City Tea Party,

Kansas City Tea Party

From Russ. Just Russ[12], at the Raleigh Tea Party,

Raleigh Tea Party

RWN week-end blogger Cassy Fiano[13] spoke at the Jacksonville Tea Party,

Jacksonville Tea Party

From Ace of Spades HQ[14] at the Lafayette, Indiana Tea Party,

Lafayette, Indiana Tea Party

Also see lots more pics at Smart Girl Politics[15] and lots more tea party links at Media Mythbusters[16].

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