Plus Size Model Is Getting Hate Mail From Fat Activists Because She Lost 250 Pounds

Plus Size Model Is Getting Hate Mail From Fat Activists Because She Lost 250 Pounds


The struggle is real. Women are under attack. But often, it is at the hands of other women. And that is exactly what this woman is experiencing. This beautiful woman is a plus sized model who previously wore a size 34, but has now dropped to half that size and now wears between a size 12 and a size 14. Amazing, right? She has taken control of her life and cultivated healthy lifestyle choices. But that is not  how many people have responded to her brave weight loss journey.

Rosie Mercado was previously 410 pounds. She has since lost over half her body weight and is now weighing around 170 pounds. But many feel like she has folded to social norms and sold out her identity. In some cases she has even received death threats. One woman told her she should just “jump off a bridge.” So while Rose Mercado said that there is nothing that she regrets about her weight loss journey, she has been deeply attacked by previous supporters.

Interestingly enough, she is still considered to be a plus size and a plus size model. Her weight loss journey began after traveling on a plane and being told by the flight attendant that she needed to purchase an extra ticket to accommodate her size. She was mortified and began her subsequent lifestyle change.

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And while many have chosen not support her, she has not let that deter her. As women, we have to start supporting each other in our victories. This type of response, filled with hate and anger, has to stop. Rosie Mercado has done something truly remarkable. Anyone else proud of her?

You saw the before picture. Now take a look at her current self. She has truly turned things around for herself.


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