Podcast: The President, Little People, The Press, Levi’s Palin Penis Johnson

by Melissa Clouthier | September 3, 2009 10:49 am

Stephen Green joins me to discuss the Obama-Education talk controversy[1]. He takes on AllahPundit[2] with wit and style. [I would have asked AllahPundit to be on the show had I thought the man would come out of hiding.] We talk about Obama’s cult of personality. We also discuss The Moment President Obama’s presidency went off the rails.

Brandon Vidrine[3] also joins me to discuss the evolution of news online and the new tools to keep people informed.

Finally, Levi Johnson’s …johnson. Sorry, couldn’t help it. I talk about the press’s Levi-erotica. It ain’t pretty. And then, there’s the Cougars. Growl….


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