Prankster stops NYC traffic to stage ‘photoshoot’ & man responds by taking a bat to his car [VIDEO]

Prankster stops NYC traffic to stage ‘photoshoot’ & man responds by taking a bat to his car [VIDEO]

Leave it to the fame-seeking YouTube jerks to stage an unauthorized photoshoot in the middle of a busy New York city road. Did it ever cross these idiots’ minds that pulling this stunt on a New Yorker probably wouldn’t be the best idea?

Moron YouTuber Coby Persin double parked in the center of a busy avenue in midtown to take some glamour shots with an expensive car — tapering traffic into just two creeping lanes. What resulted first was a whole lot of honking. What resulted second was one driver taking this traffic situation into his own hands, jumping out of his own car to deliver a bit of Charles Bronson justice to the social media clown…no he didn’t viciously murder the kid.

…Just his car.


Coby, 22, is known for his YouTube ‘pranks’ and ‘social experiments’ that seem to plague the Internet, thanks to this useless millennial generation.

Cody usually ‘teaches’ people some sort of self-righteous lesson. But this time he was being schooled — all for blocking traffic while trying to seek attention.

An unedited video that he posted to Twitter features a BMW i8 — a luxury car that costs about $140,000 – with a gold colored hood. Cody and his friend are shown just leaning against it, taking photos and being way too into themselves.


These two seem wholly indifferent that they are causing a traffic jam behind them. It seems improbable that they had a permit for the ‘photoshoot’, as they had no road markers.

Cars ease past, many honking at the obstruction in their way. But one driver soon finds himself stuck immediately behind Coby’s car, probably having trouble merging into the center lane.

Enraged, the man can be seen in the back of the video exiting the car and walking around to the back to fetch something from the front. Seconds later he is walking up the side of the BMW and Coby’s little crew begin pointing at him and shouting out in warning.

Coby and his friend hop off the hood of the car just in time to see the stranger had retrieved a bat from his car and swung it downward to give the BMW windshield a nice big crack!

Coby later whined about it on his Instagram…

‘Was doing photo shoot in NYC and this crazy guy comes out with a Bat and Smashed my Windshield!!’

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