President George W. Bush defends religious liberty

by John Brodgian | May 17, 2015 8:28 am

If you noticed liberals acting extra liberal this weekend, it’s because George W. Bush spoke publicly[1].  He gave the commencement address at Southern Methodist University and spoke about religious liberty.


“And finally, you can be hopeful because there is a loving god,” he said. “Whether you agree with that statement is your choice, it is not your government’s choice.”

“It is essential to this nation’s future that we remember that the freedom to worship who we want, and how we want — or not to worship at all — is a core belief of our founding.”

If you troll Twitter, I’m sure you’ll find the usual leftist hate.  Use one of Dubya’s lines: “I believe that the almighty’s grace and unconditional love will sustain you.”

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