Prince Harry the Hater?

by Robert Stacy McCain | January 12, 2009 12:12 pm

So they would have us believe[1]:

Taking the prize in the indignation derby was British Muslim activist Mohammed Shafiq[2] of the Ramadhan Foundation. “I am deeply shocked and saddened at Prince Harry’s racism which upsets and offends many British Asians,” Shafiq said in a statement. “The use of this sort of racism has no justification and I am saddened by those that are advocating using this term is not racist. … It’s time for real remorse.”
Among Harry’s few defenders was Ingrid Seward of the royal-watching magazine Majesty[3], who told the BBC that the prince and his academy friends “were having fun and … calling each other nicknames.” She pointed out that Harry’s reddish-blond hair had earned him the nickname “Ginge or Ginger.” (In the video, the prince-lieutenant pretends to give orders to his army comrades and then asks if there are any questions, to which one of them responds: “Are your pubes ginger, too?”) Alas for Harry, “gingers” don’t have quite the kind of ethnic clout in Britain as Pakistanis these days, and the revelation of his nickname prompted no demands that anyone apologize. . . .

That’s from my latest column at Pajamas Media, and you should read the whole thing[4]. Maybe Harry’s been swept up in that “racist backlash”[5] we’ve been warned about.

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