Psychotic 28 Yr-Old Millennial DECAPITATES His Parents For Ending Their Financial Support! – VIDEO

by McIntosh | December 1, 2016 2:40 am

Joel Michael Guy Jr. is a name that has been strewn across Louisiana news banners all week. He is the 28 year-old psycho-eyed millennial accused of murdering his mother and father.

By decapitation.


Guy is accused of murdering his 61 year-old father Joel Michael Guy Sr. and his 55 year-old mother Lisa Guy, who investigators are saying may have been killed between Saturday and Sunday.

Guy, who is a resident of Baton Rouge and was a student at LSU until last year, traveled from Louisiana and visited his parents in Tennessee to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with them.

According to Sheriff Maj. Michael MacLean, the suspect had been completely broke and had spent his visit trying to convince his parents to give him some funds. According to some reports, his parents were planning on cutting him off financially completely and allow him to fend for himself.

Guy was in school to be a plastic surgeon and had been in college for nine years while his parents supported him for all that time, nearly a decade. Both of his parents were retired engineers and had planned to stop funding him and his schooling. Authorities are now looking into the possibility that a life insurance claim may have been at the center of the gruesome murder, though so far, it does not seem as if that was a factor.


Both victims were stabbed and dismembered, with their remains found all over the house in different rooms in their West Knox County house, the Tennessee Sheriff’s Office said.

Sections of the parents’ remains were found in an acid-based solution, in an attempt to disintegrate any evidence of their murder, requiring a hazmat team to come into the crime scene and remove them.

Sheriff MacLean told local reporters the following:

‘Both suffered multiple, vicious stab wounds as well as dismemberment.’ He described the whole scene as ‘gruesome.’

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