Pundit Calls for Denying Caucasians the Right to Vote

Passing off Barack Obama as a legitimate presidential candidate despite his radical ideology, vile associates, and lack of qualifications has been a big job for the media. Jonathan Valania at the Philadelphia Enquirer gives some insight into the mentality that keeps journalists motivated for this Herculean task in a piece entitled “White People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote.”

He comes up with three reasons: 1) White people voted for W, whom Valania doesn’t like. 2) He doesn’t like Sarah Palin either, who is also white, as are many of her supporters. 3) Irresponsible left-wing Democrats like Ed Rendell and John Murtha have been screeching that whites won’t vote for a black supremacist like Obama because they’re racists.

Valania agrees that if we don’t want to turn over the country to someone who pretty obviously does not mean it well, and who has made no secret of his intentions to coercively redistribute wealth along racial lines, we must be racists. Blacks aren’t racists, since virtually all of them support Obama. The solution is clear: deny whites the right to vote, and we can transcend racism.

This self-hating Caucasian idiot is afforded a soapbox at a major metropolitan daily because his views are mainstream from the point of view of the allegedly mainstream media.

On a tip from Smoke TNT. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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