Putin vs. Obama Perfectly Compared in 10 BRUTAL Pictures

by John Brodgian | September 30, 2015 6:21 pm

People have been having fun at the President’s expense, and The Federalist Papers Project[1] was particularly brutal…

Putin vs. Obama Perfectly Compared in 10 BRUTAL Pictures[2]

You can check out the rest of the photos here[3]. They are hysterical.

Here’s the part that’s not funny…

Putin’s message at the U.N. podium Monday was a simple one: U.S. interventions and unilateralism have backfired in the Middle East, and it is time to try something new.

His speech will do little to undercut a widespread impression in many Western capitals that his aim in Syria is not just to bolster a Moscow ally but, primarily, to thwart U.S. power and influence in the Middle East.

Putin took particular aim at U.S. involvement in Iraq and Libya, which he said fostered a power vacuum filled with “extremists and terrorists.”

“Do you realize now what you’ve done?” he asked.

No, I don’t think any Obama voters realize.

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