Q&A Friday #103: Do You Think Obama Is Deliberately Trying To Destroy The US?

Question: “Do you think running up trillion dollar deficits within months of taking office is a deliberate attempt on Obama’s part to destroy the United States as a superpower? Liberals have always hated American power.” — CoolCzech

Answer: There are definitely some liberals who would like to see America laid low, but most of them don’t feel that way — even the hard core political libs.

You just have to understand you’re talking about people who make decisions primarily based on emotion and how it makes them feel about themselves. They don’t use logic, they care much more about intentions than results, and there are few thoughts of long-term consequences. They’re like bratty children in a toy store. They don’t think about cost or ramifications; it’s just “I want it!”

You think Barack Obama is staying up at night thinking about the deficit or whether this country will still be a super power in twenty years? He doesn’t care one iota about those things and anything he says about them will be for political reasons. He’s interested in hearing people chanting his name. He’s interested in people he likes saying something like, “Wow, that Barack Obama brought a single payer system to America. He really cares about people.” He’s interested in telling himself, “Wow, I spent all that money. That must mean I am a good person!” That’s everything. The real world consequences of what he’s doing are nothing.

If the average liberals on Capitol Hill had to make a decision that they knew might very well kill 100,000 people in 20 years, but made them look compassionate and kind hearted, they’d strongly prefer that to a decision that made them look mean, but wouldn’t kill a soul. Results mean nothing. How they feel about themselves means everything.

Logical people whose first concern is the country have a hard time wrapping their heads around that kind of thinking — but it’s the rule, not the exception with modern liberalism — and you can look back at their past decisions and see exactly that kind of thinking at work again and again. If Barack Obama and Company have the opportunity, they will drive this country right off a cliff without the slightest hesitation, all so they can feel good about how “compassionate” they are with other people’s money — as if you could be compassionate with other people’s money.

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