Q&A Friday #97: Has Fox News Reached An “Accommodation” With Obama?

by John Hawkins | November 7, 2008 11:44 am

Question: “McCain had a blowout debate with Obama the last time around, and their commentators all acted like he lost.

Now Fox News is allowing itself to be used as the conduit for this anti-Sarah garbage: and it IS garbage, such PERSONAL attacks that have NOTHING to do with her politics, nothing to do with her abilities to run a government.

And anybody see Shepard practically crying because Ralph Nader was wondering if Obama would turn out to be an “Uncle Tom?” He was being as PC as the most ardent Leftist (when they’re not too busy attacking Sarah for being a woman).

Do you think Fox News reached some sort of “accommodation” with the incoming Obama regime?” — CoolCzech

Answer: Here’s something I’ve been saying about Fox for a long while now: they are right-of-center, but they’re not representative of conservative thinking. They’re sort of a country club Republican news network — which, it’s worth noting, is highly preferable to a liberal, faux moderate network like CNN or the Obama cheerleaders over at MSNBC.

Still, if we’re talking about an idea that Beltway Republicans love and grassroots conservatives hate, Fox can almost ALWAYS be counted on to side with the first group.

Amnesty? Fox loved it. The Bailout? Fox was behind it all the way. Sarah Palin? That woman is totally vulgar — oh, and can you pass the caviar?

Now again, don’t get the wrong idea: I’m not saying Fox sucks, that they’re a liberal network, or that they’ve reached any sort of “accommodation” with Obama. It’s just that aside from Sean Hannity and a few of the lesser knowns on Fox, like my buddies Mary Katharine Ham & Amanda Carpenter, this is not a network that has ever really been in tune with what the average conservative on the street thinks.

So, I do like Fox, but if you’re looking for them to have the same take on the issues as say, Rush Limbaugh or your favorite conservative bloggers, you’re going to be disappointed most of the time.

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