Queen Nancy Says She Will Read The Health Care Bill + Rationing

by William Teach | July 13, 2009 8:37 am

Of course, don’t take it as a promise

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi[1](D-Calif.) will read the entirety of the final text of the health care reform bill before the House votes on it and will provide the public “ample time” to review the legislation, says Pelosi’s spokesman.

However, the speaker’s office declined to specify what is meant by “ample time.”

“The speaker is currently reading the health care draft legislation and will do the same with the final legislation before the House votes on it,” Pelosi’s Communications Director Brendan Daly told CNSNews.com. “The speaker will allow an ample amount of time for the public to read the final legislation before it is voted on.”

Last week Pelosis refused to make any sort of promise to read the bill or give the public and other legislators time to read it. Other legislators have scoffed[2] at reading the legislation they vote on. They didn’t read, or have time to read, the Generational Theft Act nor the Cap and Tax bill.

My bet is that “ample time” will be about 24 hours, with about 450 pages added in the dead of night that no one will have time to read. Also, that Brendan Daly will be beaten with an ugly stick by Pelosi for making that pronouncement. What’ your guess?

On the subject of health care

In political combat[3], there are few more potent weapons than a single word or a catchy phrase that can be used to target a proposal and drive it into the ground.

For Republicans, “rationing” could be that poison-tipped arrow for the Democratic-led health care bill, much as “amnesty” was the club with which conservatives beat President Bush’s attempt at immigration reform into a bloody pulp in 2007.

“Governments ration care to control costs, and we’ve got stories from other countries where disabled children wait up to two years for wheelchairs. We’ve got a story that we found: a 76-year-old retiree pulled out their own teeth,” said Rep. Dave Camp, Michigan Republican and the ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Will the GOP have the fortitude to continue fighting back, getting dirty, playing in the mud, when the Democrats and their media minions start calling them mean, racist, biggoted, their whole typical playbook? Let’s hope so.

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