Queers Undermining Sanity

by Van Helsing | January 6, 2009 12:38 pm

As if Hamas weren’t enough of a problem, the Jewish state has now been confronted by QUIT — Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism[1]. Among the SF Bay area group’s demands:

That the U.S. Government immediately end all financial and military aid to Israel.

That the Israeli Government end its racist policies of harassment and exclusion of Palestinians.

That all displaced Palestinians be granted the right to return to Palestine.

An end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The list goes on to include withdrawal, divestments, and boycotts, but it may as well end here, with the insistence that Israel cease to exist.

QUIT’s definition of terrorism is broad enough to include the activities of actual terrorists; but apparently real terrorists are morally licensed to kill:

There have been individual acts of Palestinian terrorism that have been highly popularized by the U.S. media and used as propaganda tools by Zionists. We don’t support attacks on unarmed civilians. At the same time it must be understood that it is the right of any occupied people to resist and fight for their freedom, in fact it is their duty.

However, the nasty Jews have no right to defend themselves from the rockets raining down on their civilian population, because that would be racist.

Needless to say, the Muslim fundamentalists on whose behalf militant homosexuals shriek their propaganda would be highly unlikely to return the favor. But the goal isn’t to help Islamists; it’s to poke another finger in the eye of Western Civilization.

Homosexuals for Islamic terrorism.

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