Quote Of The Day: The Forgotten Man

by John Hawkins | October 17, 2008 9:54 am

I’m taking a bit of artistic liberty by sticking the word liberal in here, but it fits the mentality of the people he was talking about way back in 1884,

“(liberals) are always under the dominion of the superstition of government, and forgetting that a government produces nothing at all, they leave out of sight the first fact to be remembered in all social discussion — that the state cannot get a cent for any man without taking it from some other man, and this latter must be a man who has produced and saved it. This latter is the Forgotten Man.” — William Graham Sumner[1]

  1. William Graham Sumner: http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=OTc2MmMyNDlkNDQ1MWVjODY3MWM2ZTU4YTM1MTUzZjM=

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