Top Pollster: Clinton Is Just One State Away From Losing It All [VIDEO]

Top Pollster: Clinton Is Just One State Away From Losing It All [VIDEO]

Nate Silver is an expert statistician who runs the website based on data-news, FiveThirtyEight. His latest predictions involving Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton claims she is only one state away from losing on Election Day to Republican Donald Trump. With just two days away from the election, America is going to find out if his lean on the election will pay off.


While being interviewed on ABC News’ “This Week” Sunday, Silver shared that although Clinton is the 2:1 odds favorite to take the White House, he believes supporters shouldn’t rest on that information because she is not “in a terribly safe position.”

“The electoral map is actually less solid for Clinton than it was for Obama four years ago,” Silver claimed.

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Silver continued on to inform ABC News that in 2012, he had foreseen that President Barack Obama would take down Republican challenger Mitt Romney with more than 320 Electoral College votes. But in 2016, he’s predicting that Clinton will just barely reach the required 270 to become President of the United States of America.

“Clinton has about 270, so she’s one state away from potentially losing the Electoral College.”

But even with such a sour look at Clinton’s predictions, Sliver said that he would rather “be in her shoes” going into Election Day than in her opponent’s, Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Silver gained infamy for his following of the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections after he correctly predicted the results of each of the elections.

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