Reagan and Obama’s Leadership Methods Side To Side …You Want To See THIS!

by Rachel Alexander | April 2, 2016 7:23 pm

While Ronald Reagan had a strong, commanding leadership style and cracked down on crime during his eight years in office, Barack Obama has done exactly the opposite. Fortunately, there is a meme that describes these differences perfectly.[1]

ronald reagan barack obama[2]

The Federalist Papers reports:


Obama’s Justice Department is warning local judges: Go easy on minority offenders.

Rather than sentencing poor people — and “people of color” to jail time, as mandated in local codes, judges should instead order these criminals to perform “community service” or have an “amnesty day” where arrest warrants are cleared if they’d just turn themselves in.

Failure to give sentencing preference to minorities could trigger a Ferguson-style civil rights investigation from the Justice Department – and no town wants that.

The threat comes in the form of a strongly worded “guidance letter,” written by Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s office, The New York Post reports.

Ronald Reagan would have never treated people differently, he was colorblind. Obama’s unequal treatment of whites vs. minorities is a sinking ship.

  1. Fortunately, there is a meme that describes these differences perfectly.:
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