The REAL TRUTH About Gun Control Liberals REFUSE To Accept [MEME]

by Just An American | June 23, 2016 5:00 am


Yesterday, the big story was all about the Democrats taking up real estate on the House floor. Butt to ground they each sat there, in their heels, skirts, trousers and shiny shoes, doing what they do best. Nothing. They claim to be doing it as a stand for “Gun Control” – but do you really think they care about the 49 innocents that died that fateful night in Orlando? Do they think we believe that they are taking this stand, sitting down, because they want to make a difference for good in this country? They couldn’t give any lesser of a damn. This is all about control.

Sadly, the Democrats watching them take this stand from the outside looking in, are going to believe these greedy, soul selling reps are being heroic. Because…no matter what happens to prove otherwise, there is a hard truth about gun control that liberals will refuse to believe. [2]


From TheBlaze:

You’ll notice that liberals are constantly informing us that their behavior is brave. This, by the way, is the quickest way to confirm that someone is not brave. The doer of truly brave deeds doesn’t pause in the midst of his bravery to say, “Look how brave I am.” That’s what frauds and charlatans do. And these Democrats are nothing if they are not frauds and charlatans. What else can you call a person who stands on the graves of 49 dead Americans to extol his own virtue?

As a general rule, actions that are comfortable, politically advantageous, sure to win you praise from the media, and requiring no sacrifice on your part are not brave. At a minimum, bravery entails making it through one night without pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-fil-A, and pillows and blankets, but these fearless warriors couldn’t even accomplish that. A truly brave man stands up for truth in the face of opposition. A lazy opportunist sits on a cushy pillow with snacks and a smart phone, tweeting popular slogans while the media cheers him on. Most crucially, a brave man is honest and sincere in his actions. And that is where Democrats fail the brave test most spectacularly.

They waited until now, right when they have a mass tragedy to exploit and an election to win, to push for this “common sense gun reform.” Curiously, however, when they owned the House, Senate and Presidency in 2008, they made no effort to pass legislation that could, they’ve just decided, “save thousands of lives.” That could be because Obama was still selling guns to Mexican drug cartels back in those days, so perhaps they thought the subject a little awkward.

It would have taken real courage to stand up to the Democrat president and demand he be brought to justice for funneling weapons into the hands of dangerous people. But Democrats never have courage in the moments where courage is actually required. Like true heroes, they remained silent and waited until they had a Republican majority to blame and a tragedy to utilize.

Frauds and charlatans, as I said. Liars. Hucksters. Performance artists. And, we can’t forget, tyrants.

They just won’t get it until it’s too late. They will always be right and we, the ones trying to protect LIFE, will always be wrong. They say no one likes a warrior until the enemy is at the gate. However – I don’t think liberals, even after it’s too late, will see they were wrong.

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