Regular Reading

by John Hawkins | September 25, 2002 8:51 pm

Regular Reading: Here are just some of my favorite political pages that I read on a daily basis…

World Net Daily[1], The Drudge Report[2], Instapundit[3], Little Green Footballs[4], National Review[5], Frontpage Magazine[6], Vodka Pundit[7], Black Sheep News[8], Real Clear Politics[9], Lucianne[10], Town Hall[11], Newsmax[12], Andrew Sullivan[13], Croooow Blog[14], Jewish World Review[15], Fox News[16], & Tim Blair[17]…

If you haven’t seen any of these pages before you should give them a look…

  1. World Net Daily:
  2. The Drudge Report:
  3. Instapundit:
  4. Little Green Footballs:
  5. National Review:
  6. Frontpage Magazine:
  7. Vodka Pundit:
  8. Black Sheep News:
  9. Real Clear Politics:
  10. Lucianne:
  11. Town Hall:
  12. Newsmax:
  13. Andrew Sullivan:
  14. Croooow Blog:
  15. Jewish World Review:
  16. Fox News:
  17. Tim Blair:

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