Religion-of-peace update: Muslim men taking little girls as sex slaves (excuse me, “wives”)

If this picture doesn’t make you hurl, there’s something wrong with you. No, seriously. Read the accompanying article, which–of course–portrays these sick pedophiliac freaks as victims of Israeli oppression. The Hamas government also paid the men to take these baby girls as sex slaves.

Yes, the appropriate term is “sex slave” and not “wife.” Islamic law allows men to marry little girls (typically, the minimum age is nine, the age of one of Muhammed’s many wives) so they can sexually abuse them. Let’s not forget the 11-year-old Iranian girl who attempted suicide after her father sold her into marriage, with the approval of Muslim mullahs:

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When are we going to knowledge that radical Islam is just as evil as Nazism?

Update #1 — Hawkins’ Note: Sky News, which is a reputable news source, is claiming that the brides were seated in the audience and that these little girls were just up on stage as part of a ceremony. While child marriages are all too common in Islamic culture, I’m not sure that’s what is actually happening here.

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