REPORT: An EPIDEMIC Outbreak Is Happening Across The US, Scientists Are Warning People To Steer Away From Pools

by Tiffiny Ruegner | May 23, 2017 1:16 am

Summertime is coming and there’s one thing you really need to know about to keep your family safe. This warning may dampen your summer fun because the normal places you like to take family like public pools and water parks have become very risky places.

[1][2] has begun warning about an INCREASE in outbreaks of a parasitic infections tied to swimming pools and water parks. CDC is reporting at least 32 outbreaks Cryptosporidium in the U.S. just last year 2016.

That number had doubled from 2015 and they are expecting it to only get worse for the summer of 2017.

“Also known as “Crypto,” the parasite spreads when people swallow water that has come into contact with feces from an infected person. Crypto, which can survive up to 10 days, is not easily killed by chlorine the CDC notes, adding that it is the most common cause of diarrheal illness and outbreaks linked to swimming pools or water parks.”

The worst part is that the effects from the illness can last up to three weeks! Plus, it’s SO EASY to get the illness. Scientists are saying that it only takes ONE mouthful of infected water to get you good.

Michele Hlavsa, R.N., M.P.H., chief of CDC’s Healthy Swimming Program, released a statement about the outbreak saying that parents should not let their kids swim if they have diarrhea. Keep them in the house till it has passed but most important DON’T TAKE THEM TO THE POOLS OR WATERPARKS. This is going to protect other children from getting sick.

“To help protect your family and friends from Crypto and other diarrhea-causing germs, do not swim or let your kids swim if sick with diarrhea. Protect yourself from getting sick by not swallowing the water in which you swim.”

PLEASE pay close attention to the tips that the CDC has released for parents everywhere to help prevent their child and other children from Crypto.

#1 Don’t swim or let your kids swim if sick with diarrhea.

#2 If diarrhea is caused by Crypto, wait two weeks after symptoms have stopped before going swimming.

#3 Don’t swallow the water while swimming.

#4 Rinse off in the shower before getting in the water to help remove any germs on your body that could contaminate the pool.

#5 Take kids on bathroom breaks often, and check diapers in a diaper-changing area, and not right next to the pool.

While these rules sound like common sense, some people aren’t following these common sense guidelines. It’s the gross people who aren’t following general hygienic common sense rules causing the outbreak. It’s probably best to find a friend with a pool and stick to a more controlled environment.

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