Reports On Mike Huckabee Being Named Ambassador To Israel – NOT TRUE, But This Is.

There have been many rumors circulating regarding Trump’s transition appointments, but his team has announced that the suspicion that he may be selecting Mike Huckabee as his Ambassador to Israel are false.

The speculation started with a Trump camp insider allegedly leaking the information. Does that mean it could be true, but the President-elect doesn’t want to announce it just yet?


The unnamed source is reported as having told The Daily Mail that Donald Trump is considering Mike Huckabee as his Ambassador to Israel. While Huck has made several visits to Israel and is being strangely tight-lipped about his meeting with Donald Trump post-election, another well-placed source within the operation dispelled the notion as false.

One tidbit of information from the article that the source said IS accurate is that President-elect Trump plans to move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Mike wouldn’t release any information about his visit to Trump Tower, but he did want America to know that he is happy with his current job of “listening to the President-elect.”

“I’m happy doing what I’m doing,” he said. “My job is to listen to the president-elect. It’s his job to make decisions. I did not campaign for him because I was needing work.”

Well, with that out of the way, who would YOU pick to be our Israeli Ambassador? Who do you think has the best reputation supporting our ally?

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