‘Republican’ promising to cross party lines in Hillary ad actually long-time Dem donor [VIDEO]

‘Republican’ promising to cross party lines in Hillary ad actually long-time Dem donor [VIDEO]

It must have made Hillary feel so warm and fuzzy inside to hear that her compatriots were producing an ad utilizing a Republican who couldn’t stand Trump. I’m sure it warmed her from the top of her head right down to her cankles.

Of course, just like every other thing she’s ever done, she’s wrong about this. Because it turned out her golden boy is actually nothing more than a RINO who has been giving thousands away to Democrats for the last 12 years.



Clinton thought she was so clever when she rolled out a new ad featuring “Republican” Doug Elmets who claims to be a Reagan-Era Republican.

He begins his interview by stating that he voted Republican as a college student and has ever since, but he doesn’t trust Donald Trump to be a decent or effective leader and therefore he must vote for Hillary.

While he may have been checking the Republican box, his pocketbook was casting a different vote entirely.

Watch the video below:

The problem is Elmets isn’t exactly the epitome of Republicanism. He has donated thousands to Democrat campaigns in the last 12 years.







He’s a horrible example of a Republican, but Hillary tried and at this point that’s pretty much all we can ask of her.

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