Rescued Elephant Reunited with Mother After Three Years in Touching Video

by Rachel Alexander | April 11, 2015 1:17 pm

Most people may not realize that elephants have similar years to humans; the young ones stay with their parents until adolescence, about age 11. So when this young elephant was taken away from her mother to service the tourism industry, she was only about one third of the way through being parented. Fortunately, the two have been joyously reunited for the rest of their lives.  [2]

National Geographic reports,

According to Natthanit Sommana, a spokesperson from the sanctuary, Me-Bai spent about three and a half years with her mother in another part of Thailand until she was sold to give rides to tourists.

“Because she was too young, she began to lose weight and could not carry the tourists any longer,” Elephant Nature Park, which is based in Chiang Mai, wrote on its YouTube page.

The young elephant spent three to four years away from its mother, but was recently rescued and brought to the sanctuary. She was nervous and wary of people at first but soon adjusted to her new surroundings, park staff said.

When the caretakers learned that Me-Bai’s mother was working in the tourist industry nearby, they reached out to her owners, who agreed to her retirement at the sanctuary. Mae Yui is thought to be over 30 years old, says Sommana.

How inspiring there are still kind people everywhere who care about the well-being of animals. Watch the sweet reunion video below.

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  2. Fortunately, the two have been joyously reunited for the rest of their lives.  :

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