Researchers Discover Eye Drops That Allow You to See Clearly in TOTAL DARKNESS

by Rachel Alexander | March 28, 2015 2:23 pm

Researcher Gabriel Licina tested the liquid drops, which briefly turn your eyes dark or black before they absorb.[1]

Researcher Gabriel Licina tested the liquid drops, which briefly turn your eyes dark or black before they absorb.

Who would have predicted in our lifetime we’d acquire night vision through natural means? Some researchers in California have developed a liquid that can be dropped into your eyes, allowing you to see as far as 164 feet at night.  The solution combines Chlorin e6 (Ce6) with insulin and saline.[2]

The Daily Mail reports,

In the team’s experiment, the liquid was dripped onto the conjunctival sacs on the eye of Gabriel Licina, one of the researchers, which carried the solution to his retinas.

‘Ce6 solution was added to the conjunctival sac via micropippette at three doses of 50μl [microlitres] into each eye,’ the researchers wrote.

The solution initially made his eyes turn black, before being absorbed in a few seconds and returning his eyes to their natural colour.

‘To me, it was a quick, greenish-black blur across my vision, and then it dissolved into my eyes,’ Mr Licina told Mic.

However, to ‘reduce the potential for bright light exposure,’ the team covered his eyes in black contact lenses.

Within an hour his vision had noticeably improved in low-light conditions.

To test the effects, Mr Licina and four ‘control’ subjects who had not been given the solution were taken to a ‘darkened area.’

They were then asked to identify symbols in the dark, either moving or still, and to spot individuals moving in a small grove of trees.

‘The Ce6 subject consistently recognised symbols that did not seem to be visible to the controls,’ the researchers wrote.

And, in the second test: ‘The Ce6 subject identified the distant figures 100 per cent of the time, with the controls showing a 33 per cent identification rate.’

After testing, the team said that Mr Licina wore sunglasses while he slept, and his eyesight in the morning appeared to return to normal.

This discovery comes on the heels of night-vision contact lenses, which were announced in May as being in development. While these advances are exciting, they may also come with dangerous side effects. Until the technology has been perfected, it is not wise to attempt to replicate them. The liquid solution has not been approved by any authority yet. It is a brave new world.

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