Restaurant Owner Sends BLUNT Message to ‘Offended’ Muslims With This Epic Sign

by Just An American | March 31, 2016 12:32 pm

People are floored over a sign a restaurant owner has decided to put outside his place of business. The owner couldn’t care less about “political correctness” it seems and really though, doesn’t it seem refreshing? Did I mention that the restaurant owner is Muslim?[1]

One Dock, Kennebunkport Inn, Maine[2]

From TheBlaze:

Some of those policies include: “We are here to serve you…not to kiss your @#$’? and Due to ‘da’ price increase 4 ammo…Do not expect a warning shot (For those who want 2 act a fool).”


However, there have already been a few changes to the sign. Mohamed has covered up his name after pressure from a “local mosque.” He has also put tape over a few of the “words that might offend people” because he “want his restaurant to be a place for all.”

Mohamed also told KSLA-TV that “most who got mad were my people.”

Why get offended…you’re there for food, not feelings.

  1. Did I mention that the restaurant owner is Muslim?:
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