Restaurant Workers Reveal Meals They’d NEVER Order With Gross Explanations

Restaurant Workers Reveal Meals They’d NEVER Order With Gross Explanations

Restaurant work is hard work. Customers are demanding and getting the job done takes teamwork and hustle. However, while even the hardest worker can sometimes cut the occasional corner, there are horror stories about what sometimes happens in restaurants. Below are some tips shared by restaurant workers about some of the practices that they have witnessed. Bear these tips in mind the next time you dine and especially if you are rude to the staff.


If there’s anyone you can trust to tell you the truth about restaurant meals , it’s the people who work there.

After all, they know the ins and outs of where the food comes from and how it’s prepared.

Which is why when they tell you the foods you should never order in restaurants, it’s probably wise to pay attention.

One Reddit thread asked the question: “People who work at restaurants… what is something people order all the time that grosses you out and you would never eat?”

Mitch_from_Boston made a very logical point, writing: “Basically anything that isn’t that restaurant’s niche.

“You’re at a seafood place? The pizza probably sucks. You’re at an Italian place? The hummus plate probably isn’t great. Etc.”

Others had rather more disgusting reasons for advising against certain orders…

  1. Steer clear of soup

Reddit users seagullhunter said: “Soup. It never gets cooled properly at night in the big container so it stays luke warm for hours.”

TheCSKlepto shared his knowledge about soup, saying: “There’s a lot of red flags when it comes to soup, and I love me some soup. If it’s real salty you know it’s been on the heat all day.

“If it’s watery, they just added cream/water to it. If it’s thick, it’s been on too long. The only places I order soup from are soup places.”

  1. Don’t have ice in your drink

Several Reddit users warned against having ice in soft drinks, saying it makes them nervous.

peenonoR said: “Worked at a coffee shop. Once found a dead spider and mildew in the ice maker. I cleaned that thing weekly from then on. I get nervous getting ice from places now.”

FrostyBeav wrote: “What’s really gross is getting ice in a drink and having it taste more and more like grease as the ice melts.

“This is really prevalent in convenience stores that serve fried food like corn dogs, pizza sticks, jojos, etc.

“The ice machine is usually by the “kitchen” and picks up the grease in the air from the fryers.”

  1. And watch out for the fruit…

bgar0312 commented: “Not eating but garnishes in your drink.

“The lemons limes oranges etc are almost never properly washed, they are handled with the waiters’ bare hands or bartenders’ bare hands literally 95% of the time. Bothers me.”

  1. Cheesy dips aren’t all they seem

Bradleyd00 said: “Any cheese dip, no matter how fancy it sounds, is basically 95% butter and cream cheese just enough actual cheese to make it taste like Asiago or whatever.

“Seriously, it is half a days caloric intake in a small bowl of it.”

  1. Be wary of calamari

OrchidBest commented: “I have similar fears about calamari.

“Worked at three places where the dishwasher always scooped the tentacles out of the gooey white batter that looked to be ten days old.

“These were busy restaurants and in most cases the dishwashers didn’t have the time or common sense (or emotionally stable chefs) to wash their hands.

“And dishwashers touch everything: mop buckets, detergents, garbage rims, people’s disgusting plates waiting to be scraped and cleaned.

  1. Order the popular stuff

ripewdecay said: “Something I learned personally as someone raised around kitchens- unpopular ingredients are turned over less so you’re more likely to get something that was sitting around, perhaps even a little bad and picked over, freezer burned, chucked into the pits of a walk in freezer and thawed for your dietary pleasure.

“Just go with popular items and be done with it.”

  1. Avoid the sticky Chinese food

knockknock313 said: “I used to work at a Chinese restaurant. I don’t understand how anyone eats a full order of general tso’s or orange or sesame chicken.

“There’s legit like… half a cup of sugar in one of those. Then you add to that that they’re all breaded/deep fried… not my cup of tea.

“However, these three dishes ended up making it on to 30-50 percent of all of my tickets.”

  1. Don’t get this bread in Subway

If you’re going to Subway, brakos advises against the harvest bread as “it usually sits around for days.”

Of course, this might only be the case in his branch.

  1. But it can always go wrong

Dashing any remaining hope you might have left, a food critic went and told us that it can all go wrong anyway – no matter what the dish contains.

“I’m a professional food critic. When you go to a restaurant, it’s not the menu but the cooks that matter and most restaurants have more than one chef.

“As a result, one night a dish could be perfect, but the next night it’s crap.

“The owner wants it to be the same consistently prepared product every time he sends food out the door, but one thing I’ve learned after 21 years… you never know what is gonna come through that door.”

I worked as a waiter in restaurants throughout college and it is very much true that corners are sometimes cut.

However, what was “no biggie” at one place can be a big deal at another. So bear in mind that as these people share stories about less-than-sanitary events at their places of employment, that is not necessarily the case at your favorite dining establishment.

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