Revealed: Britain Allowed ‘New Jihadi John’ to Travel To Syria While On Bail For Terror Offenses

by Greg Campbell | January 5, 2016 1:13 pm

The West is at war with a determined enemy. This enemy hides amongst civilians populations and happily pledges to die in the name of Allah in order to rid the world of infidels. If we are to defeat this enemy, the West must come-together and commit to fully fighting these jihadists and that starts with a more-robust, less politically correct intelligence community. The fact that ISIS’ new poster boy was able to travel to Syria with his family while on bail in the UK for terrorist offenses[1] indicates that we are a long way from demonstrating the kind of vigilance necessary to win this war.


The British ISIS[3] fanatic accused of being the ‘new Jihadi John’ was able to ‘breeze’ out of the UK and flee to Syria with his family while on bail for terror offences, it was revealed today.

Siddhartha Dhar, 32, also known as Abu Rumaysah, left Britain despite being forced to hand in his passport and being on a terror watchlist for encouraging terrorism and supporting banned group Al-Muhajiroun.

Within 24 hours of being arrested in September 2014 he was able to travel from London to Paris by coach with his wife and four children before arriving in Syria via Turkey.

MI6 are now racing to identify whether he is the militant with an English accent in a new ISIS execution video where five alleged British spies were killed and he was seen shooting one in the head.

Tonight, two plain-clothed officers visited his family home in Palmers Green, north London, and spent around 90 minutes with his two sisters. Scotland Yard refused to comment on why they were there.

Earlier today, Dhar’s sister, Konika, from North London[4], said: ‘If it is him, bloody hell am I shocked? I am going to kill him myself. He is going to come back and I am going to kill him if he has done this.

‘I can’t believe it. This is just so shocking for me. I don’t know what the authorities are doing to confirm the identity, but I need to know if it is.’

Dhar, 32, was released on bail after his arrest in September 2014 and ordered to hand in his passport. He was a known supporter of banned groups, had links to hate preachers and was seen at Islamist rallies in London.

Dhar, also known as Abu Rumaysah, is believed to have met, and possibly mentored, Michael Adebolajo, one of the murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

The father-of-four from Walthamstow was one of nine men detained on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and supporting the banned group Al-Muhajiroun.

But less than 24 hours after walking free, he took a coach from London to Paris and headed to the ISIS war zone with his young family.

The former bouncy castle salesman later posted a picture of himself cradling his baby while brandishing an AK-47 to taunt security services whose blunders allowed him to escape.

Prior to posting the photo, Dhar taunted the police on Twitter for clumsily allowing him to slip through their fingers: ‘What a shoddy security system Britain must have to allow me to breeze through Europe to the Islamic State.’

He also boasted how he had fooled MI5: ‘My Lord (Allah) made a mockery of British intelligence and surveillance. Make hijrah (flight) Muslims. Place your trust in Allah.’

Prior to fleeing the UK, he also appeared live on the BBC and declared his support for ISIS.

A video shows him being interviewed on Sunday Morning Live in 2014 during a debate about why British Muslims were joining ISIS.

On the show, he said: ‘Well I don’t think it is just a question of myself supporting Islamic State or the caliphate.

‘What I can say is that Muslims cherish the Koran and for over 90 years we have been living without a caliphate and many of the rules within the Koran cannot be implemented.

‘Now we have this caliphate I think we will see many Muslims globally seeing it as an opportunity for the Koran to be fully realised.’

His mother said she could not be sure if it was her son in the latest ISIS execution video but was shocked by the revelations, and never suspected he had terrorist links, describing him as ‘sensitive and shy’.

Speaking at her home mother Sobita Dhar said: ‘These are the most difficult questions to answer – I just cannot say. I’m not sure within myself whether it’s the truth or not.

‘I last saw him before he went off to Syria two years ago.’

Terror expert Raffaello Pantucci, director of international security studies at Royal United Services, also believed the executioner’s voice sounded like Dhar’s.

He said: ‘He sounds a bit like Abu Rumaysah from Al-Muhajiroun videos. From watching him in Al-Muhajiroun videos and this new video he sounds very similar.

‘The masked man sounds like he is from London. ISIS is full of people who are from all over the place, but he seems educated, given he uses the word ‘imbecile’ a number of times.

‘Jihadi John was a bit of a rudeboy from a west London crew and was a bit laddish, but this guy doesn’t sound as ‘street’ as Jihadi John.’

Online news magazine VICE, which interviewed Dhar in 2014, also claimed the executioner’s ‘voice and speech pattern’ was similar to the British fugitive.

As ISIS dominates the Middle East, America remains embroiled in political correctness and remains divided on whether we should accept tens-of-thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the homeland of ISIS.

While there are many Muslims who are able to practice their faith in peace, it is time for the West to stp denying that we are in a war with radical Islam.

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