Robert Gibbs Laughs About Huge Deficit

Is everyone in this administration punch drunk? First we had being giddy enough while discussing terrible economic news during a 60 Minutes interview that the reporter asked if he was punch drunk, then we had Hillary cackling over the pirate situation, and now we have

Link: AP, Tapper Confront Obama Admin Over $100 Million

Partial transcript from Jake Tapper, who got involved in the exchange

JENNIFER LOVEN, AP: The $100 million target figure that the president talked about today with the Cabinet, can you explain why so small? I know he talked about — you know, you add up 100 million and 100 million, and eventually, you get somewhere, but it would take an awfully long time to add up hundred million (inaudible) in the deficit. Why not target a bigger number?

GIBBS: (Smiling) Well, I think only in Washington, D.C. is a hundred million dollars…

LOVEN: The deficit’s very large. It’s not a joke.

GIBBS: No, I’m…

LOVEN: The deficit’s giant. $100 million really is only a step.

GIBBS: But no joke.

LOVEN: You sound like you’re joking about it, but it’s not funny.

GIBBS: I’m not making jokes about it. I’m being completely sincere that only in Washington, D.C. is $100 million not a lot of money. It is where I’m from. It is where I grew up. And I think it is for hundreds of millions of Americans.

LOVEN: The point is it’s not a very big portion of the deficit.

Later in the transcript, he yucks it up and wonders why everyone is so serious on a Monday. I guess when you have an administration that is this incompetent, the only thing the can do is try to be comedians. Should be interesting how those in the administration react during a terrorist attack sure to (unfortunately) come.

PS: I’m sure that right now, liberals are Googleing furiously, searching for some similiar incident during the Bush administration’s time. MoveOn or some other Soros funded organization will put out the talking points email, and you’ll see it show up on sites the same way.

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