Robin Hayes Accidentally Tells The Truth About Liberals

by John Hawkins | October 23, 2008 6:55 am

Robin Hayes[1] said this comment came out “completely the wrong way,” but he’s running for reelection. I’m not, so I am going to tell you that I agreed with what he said,

“Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.” — Robin Hayes

This is what passes for a gaffe in DC: when a politician accidentally makes people mad by telling the truth.

Most liberals despise Christians. Why do you think they support anti-Christian groups like the ACLU, get whiny about people mentioning Christmas, and are generally hostile to those who take their religious beliefs seriously?

Liberals also hate successful people who want the government to stay the hell out of their way, as opposed to the losers who whinge about how the government “doesn’t care about them.” See, liberals can make themselves feel superior by taking other people’s money (not their own money, of course) and giving it to the 2nd group, while the 1st group threatens their power by providing an excellent example for others to emulate.

Whether you are talking about their attitude towards capitalism, Christianity, or America, there isn’t two dimes worth of difference between the average liberal today and a member of the old Soviet Politburo.

In fact, if you absolutely had to choose, we’d probably be better off with a group of Khrushchev clones running the country than Pelosi, Reid, and Barack Obama. Granted, they’d both pursue roughly the same policies, but the American people would rebel if the Commies deliberately did to us what the Democrats would like to do to this country in the name of “helping people.”

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