Rush Limbaugh: ‘PANIC Is Setting In For Democrats’ – They Dug Their Grave

You know liberals and Democrats are desperate to get your attention when they start calling people names for having logical disagreements with a person. For example: You don’t like Obama, so you must be racist! This usually comes after listening to a person’s list of grievances and not being able to find one thing that you can say was inaccurate.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this on his radio show Wednesday morning, as well as several other issues that are causing Democrats to bring out every weapon they have, despite knowing every well that it probably won’t be enough to shove Hillary Clinton through the general and into the White House.


One of the most surprising things that Limbaugh said had to do with the shockingly low turn out of African Americans for Hillary Clinton.

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We also have polling data that is throwing things upside down.  Here’s one of the biggest reveals in polling data today.  We come to find out that — and we mentioned this yesterday — as evidenced by early voting and other research, black turnout, projected black turnout for Hillary Clinton is way down.  The enthusiasm African-American voters are showing for Hillary is nowhere near what it was for Obama in either 2008 or 2012.

Now, the reason this is important is this:  All of these polls from the Drive-By Media all year up until a week ago, and maybe even up until a couple of days ago, have just assumed a similar African-American turnout in their models as happened in 2008 and 2012.  They just assume that blacks will turn out in the same numbers for any Democrat.  And that projected turnout has contributed to the huge lead in many of these polls that Hillary has had.  Now they’re having to rethink this.

He goes on to explain why he feels like Democrats are panicking today and will be until November 8th.

And also in the ABC poll — and this has the media freaking and this has the Democrats freaking — Trump is winning big with women, white women who do not have college degrees.  That’s a group that turned out in massive numbers for Ronaldus Magnus in 1980.  The media is stunned because their belief is that Hillary is gonna walk away with every female demographic group. College educated, not college educated, you name it. Trump is winning big with that subset of female voters.  That was not factored, as well.


And they’re panicking because they see women — certain demographic groups of women — flocking to Trump now.  I think women are maybe seeing the difference here between crude comments and compromised national security and dishonesty, what have you.  Now, “That’s not to say…” This is a quote from the Investor’s Business Daily poll: “That’s not to say there isn’t a gender gap — there’s still a big one. But Trump’s support among women has improved 5 points in the past three days in the wake of the FBI’s stunning announcement that it is looking into a fresh batch of emails relating to Hillary…”

If you listen to the media, they are eager to have you believe that Trump is losing among every group except angry white dudes, but that is simply not the case. Now that we’re closing in on Election Day, they’re running out of time to convince people to vote for a pathological liar who has poor health, poor morality and a poor grasp on the issues facing everyday Americans. This has them cranking their desperate tactics up to “11” and it will stay there until November 9th.

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