RUSH LIMBAUGH: ‘Trump Transition Set To KICK A**!!!’

RUSH LIMBAUGH: ‘Trump Transition Set To KICK A**!!!’

Rush Limbaugh wasn’t mincing words this morning when he began discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s transition into the White House.

He became especially impassioned when he discussed Ted Cruz possibly becoming Attorney General and aiding Trump in “draining the swamp.”


Limbaugh was on fire this morning and I’ve got to say, I agree with the majority of what he said!

RUSH: I told Snerdley, he had not heard — have you heard that Ted Cruz met with Trump for a full hour?  Ted Cruz was at Trump Tower for five hours meeting with various people, a full hour with Donald Trump, and the word is he’s being seriously considered for attorney general, not the Supreme Court.

I can’t think of anybody better to head over to the Department of Justice and drain that swamp than Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz could get that done in the first hundred days, the honeymoon period.  I think that would be just terrific.  Ted Cruz as attorney general, would please everybody.  Mitch McConnell would be ecstatic over in the Senate.  Well, it wouldn’t please the left.  I mean, Harry Reid and these guys, even though Reid is leaving, they would have a conniption, which would be worth the price of admission.  The greater conniption the left has, the better the decision is, and that’s what everybody needs to come to realize.  The bigger conniption fit the media has or the left, the better the decision.

The Trump transition team is not imploding, folks.  It is getting set to kick ass.  What the media is trying to tell you, apparently there was some movement.  Trump decided to get rid of some people, the Chris Christie team, apparently, in the process of putting together a national security team, and Mike Rogers was part of this, and Christie made a mistake, he went out and he was recruiting some lobbyists.  Trump has made it plain and been very clear about it, that there aren’t gonna be any lobbyists.  He’s not going to have the traditional Washington trappings to his administration.

Let’s hope the Trump Presidency is as good as everyone seems to think it will be. It’s going to take a while to recover from the damage that has been inflicted upon the nation in the past 20 years or so.

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