Is Russia Getting Ready For Nuclear War? Building Underground Bunkers Across Moscow…

Is Russia Getting Ready For Nuclear War? Building Underground Bunkers Across Moscow…

The Kremlin, Russia’s center of governance, looks like a beautiful fairy tale castle. But the most recent developments in Vladimir Putin’s strategy against the west are no fairy tale. Putin has been building a number of bunkers meant to protect in the event of a nuclear war. These bunkers are in various locations throughout Russia and are a clear indication that Russia considers nuclear war with the US or someone else, a very real if not imminent possibility. What do they know that we don’t? Are they planning to launch nukes? Scroll down for video.

Russia has nuclear weapons, such as the Sarmat missile, in its arsenal that can reach and level London or an area in the US the size of Texas in seconds. And so does the US. Any launch of nukes will not end well. So we can only wonder what Putin is thinking here. As the merciless Russian winter approaches, apparently nuclear winter is also on his mind. And Putin himself has shown by his past actions that he is as merciless as any Russian winter.

This may sound farfetched to the iPhone generation and those who know little or nothing of the Cold War. But Dr. Loren Thompson, an expert from the Lexington Institute, a US think tank, told The National Interest: ‘The possibility of nuclear war between America and Russia not only still exists, but is probably growing. And the place where it is most likely to begin is in a future military confrontation over three small Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. History may one day record that the greatest strategic blunder in history was the failure of U.S. leaders to take the possibility of nuclear war between America and Russia seriously once the Cold War ended.”

We certainly hope this never happens, but the bunkers show it’s in the realm of possibility. Let’s hope we have a new President with a solid backbone and the toughness to stand up to, and put a stop to, Putin and any other world leader who may be thinking of doing the unspeakable; launching a nuke. May God help us if it ever happens.

See video below:

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